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About Us

Established in 2016, Metrosolusindo is one of the IT Company in Indonesia. We are a dedicated company engaged in information technology by prioritizing the accuracy of service and sincerity in serving all your IT problems.


"Indonesian business technology solutions for more effective business process optimization"


  • Continue to make innovations in Information Technology,
  • Developing sustainable performance of the company,
  • Dedicated providing sincerity in serving,
  • Upholding the value of customer satisfaction.


Service Handled


Total Product Solutions



Our team dedicate their job to customer, listen and solve our customer issues will be our priority. Everything that you need for your business will be serve directly.

Best Connectivity

The connection speed to the internet makes your business run smoothly, make your business grow fast with reliable connection speeds.


We provide solution-oriented development to continously developing our products and services.


We will continously keep the consistency in providing our best service and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

24/7 Support

With the best service, our customer care is ready to serve you and our experienced technical support team is ready to provide one day service.

Management Bandwidth

We provide solutions for your business with bandwidth management that's why the connection can be utilized properly and efficiently.

Integrated Expertise

Internet Connection requires 3 Layer Integrated Connection to produce the right internet connection, "Metrosolusindo brings deeper integration for more effective internet connection".

Bandwidth Uplink

Bandwidth speed is one of the components to form a good connection. The accuracy of the bandwidth and stability of the bandwidth also plays an important role in the occurrence of a good connection.

Device Performance

Network equipment is a device with an electric power that has a variety of resistance devices. The stability of the device can perform its function properly depending on the durability of the device

Human Resource

To form a good connection stability, the role of brainware is needed to set the connection correctly. A good administrator can manage the running of the connection to be effective

Customer References

  • All
  • Goverment
  • Corporate
  • Hospitality


Our Address

Jl. Ki Ageng Gribig No.51 Kedungkandang,
Malang,Indonesia 65138

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0341 3022 789

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